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New Year’s Party

Year of Monkey is around the corner! Please mark on your calendar for our New Year’s Party and prepare your favourite dish to share with us! Date: Feb 27 Place: Zhongxiao Studio

Super Spotlight

Christmas Season is around the corner! After working hard on ballroom dance for the whole year, it’s time for our students to present their performances in front of their dear family and fiends! Please come and celebrate this precious moment with us. Date: Dec 20 Place:Zhongxiao Studio Afternoon: Super Spotlight Evening:Live band & party! In […]

Monster Runway-Halloween Fashion Party

Here comes Halloween! This year we are going to make the studio into a fashion runway! Please join our “Monter Runway” Halloween Fashion Party and have fun together! Date: Oct. 29 (Thur) Time: 8:15 pm Place: Zhongxao Studio

A Century

100 years, a century. In 1887 we had the first railway in Taiwan and after a century, Taiwan Railways accompany many people going through their joys and sorrows, separations and reunions. We, Arthur Murray Taiwan, feel so honoured to be invited as a partner to celebrate their anniversary together. Please come and join us! Time: […]

Mid-Autumn Festival and Wine Tasting Event

This year we prepare a very special event to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with you! In this romantic festival we invite professional sommelier to teach everyone how to enjoy different wines and foods. We also have live band to provide music for you to dance! How can you miss this opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, romantic Mid-Autumn […]

Circus is coming to town!

What? Circus is coming to Arthur Murray Zhongxiao Studio? That’s right! We are going to have a circus in the house! In order to give everyone a fun and joyful afternoon, we invite Magician, Street Artist, and different venders to join us! Oh, and don’t forget to come to see elephant, tiger, and lion! Time: […]

AM Theater

AM Old School Theater will take you back to a very classic times, Erh Chin Erh Lin, Chiung Yao. Come to see the movies with us!!
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